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We want you to have a successful campaign, as well as an enjoyable experience as a Campaign Coordinator. Contact us to request printed copies of the items below or for other campaign inquiries. Materials update every spring.


As we prepare for the upcoming campaign year, we would like to invite you to attend one of our upcoming Campaign Ambassador meetings.

The meetings will be an opportunity for those who support their company campaigns across Sheboygan County to come together, share, and brainstorm for the coming year. We will have guided activities to help the group get the most out of your time together.

There are two dates, in hopes that one will fit your schedule and campaign timeline. 
The meetings will be held on: June 9th (click here for the recording (MP4)) & August 24th (click here for the recording (MP4)) 

Questions? Contact Katelyn Piper (katelyn@uwofsc.org or 920-458-3425) for the meeting agenda and Zoom links.

Creating your Campaign

Tools provided in this area provide ideas and best practices when running your United Way Campaign.

Materials that Tell the United Way Story

Materials in this area help highlight the impact any contribution can make in helping our neighbors.

Retiree Giving Templates

Reaching out to retirees can help them stay connected to your businesses values and our community.

Campaign Forms

Updated forms for this year. 

Community Impact Initiative Materials

These materials are informational pieces on United Way’s Community Impact Initiatives, such as Community Partnership for Children (CPC), the Providing Access To Healing (PATH) program, or the Volunteer Center (VC). 


Videos that help showcase what we do, how we do it, and why through interviewing partner agencies, board members and other volunteers of United Way of Sheboygan County. 

2021/2022 Campaign Video

Partner Agency Videos

Other Videos

United Way Speakers

United Way staff, volunteers and affiliate agency staff are happy to present about the positive impact your donations have on our community. Contact us for more information.

United Way Raffle Licenses 

If you want to run a raffle during your campaign, United Way has both a Class B license. Contact us to receive more information.

  • Class B: A license type needed when tickets are only sold on the day of the raffle. Generic raffle tickets may be used. A winner must be present to win.

Agency Tours

The most effective method of sharing how a United Way contribution is being utilized is to tour an agency. Contact us for more information and to learn about virtual tour opportunities.